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30 Festive Hanukkah Gifts That’ll Get You Through All 8 Nights

These gifts are sure to delight and excite.

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Hanukkah is so much fun: We spend time frying sufganiyot and making latkes, playing dreidel, giving Hanukkah gifts, and of course, lighting the menorah each night in commemoration of the time when one portion of oil burned for eight nights as Israelites were under siege. It's not a major holiday, but it's beautiful, significant, and darn it, it's ours. And while Hannukah gifts have changed over the years, however you celebrate Hanukkah, do it with joy and give with love.

Whether you choose one present for each night or open them all up at once, these 15 Hanukkah gifts are equal parts playful and sophisticated — perfect for the family with so much to celebrate. From Hanukkah-themed serve ware for the hosts to festive beer gifts, handy everyday items, and traditional Jewish sweets, you can't go wrong with one of these special giftable sentiments. Chag Urim Sameach!

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For the Far-Away Friend
Sugarwish Our Select Products

Sugarwish is my new go-to gift for friends and family: It's a simple, fun gift that everyone can appreciate. 

How it works: You go to Sugarwish and buy one of the gift cards. Then, Sugarwish sends a text to the recipient so that they can choose what they want and where they want it shipped. 

They can choose from candies, cookies, coffee, tea, popcorn, and even dog treats! And don't worry: There are plenty of Kosher options for frum family and friends. 

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Best for Beer Lovers
Hoppy Hanukkah Beer Box

L'chaim! This isn't just a box of eight delicious beers for each night of Hanukkah. Oh no, over the “Eight Crazy Nights,” your gift recipient will get access to virtual tastings of each beer with a special brewery guest. 

On top of that, there are also other festive Hanukkah surprises throughout the box to go with the Brewvana beanie and chocolate already included in this beer-lover's dream gift. (We love latkes paired with a nice ale.)

Customizable Charm
No. 14 Dual Handle Skillet
Smithey Ironware

So, it's your first Hanukkah as a married person, and you don't know what to get your partner — or better yet, their mother. You will absolutely blow their minds if you get them this stunning, versatile, and also customizable skillet from Smithey. 

I have this in my home, and it's the cast iron dreams are made of. The two handles make it perfect for fleishig dishes like honey chicken and brisket because you can sear them on the stovetop, and then finish low and slow in the oven. And yes, it holds up beautifully in an oven on Sabbath mode.  

For the Dinner Party Friend
Compact Swivel Cheese Board With Knives
Uncommon Goods

We all have a friend who loves to entertain: They put their charcuterie boards on Instagram, and they have more than one table runner in their linen closet. 

But do they have a compact swivel cheese board with hideaway knives? I bet they don't. You'll be the big cheese gift giver if you grab this for them. 

The Cozy Gift
Sunbeam Heated Throw Blanket

A heated blanket like this model is number one on my Hanukkah gift wish list. It's just big enough to curl up on the sofa with a glass of wine and a good book. Plus, it has an auto-off feature, is sherpa-lined, and is just about the softest thing you've ever felt. It's a great gift for those family members who always talk about how cold the floors are. (Me. I am that family member.)

A Hanukkah Classic
Merino Wool Hiking & Walking Socks
Now 35% off

I don't know when or how socks became a traditional Hanukkah gift, but honestly, I appreciate them more every year. There's a real, simple joy in a pair of new socks. 

And while these merino blend socks are labeled as hiking options,  they're just aces in boots or sneakers. They're soft, cushiony, and breathable.

A Pretty Menorah
Spode Judaica Menorah

The festival of lights is named that for a reason, and this menorah is bound to become a family treasure. The porcelain is glazed with a beautiful blue pattern designed after 1880s porcelain tiles from Europe. It's the menorah that will live on your shelf all year long. 

For Your Partner
Lulu Candles | Jasmine, Oud & Sandalwood
Lulu Candles

A sensual celebration awaits whoever the lucky recipient of this candle is. A deep combination of jasmine, oud, and sandalwood, it's a little bit woodsy, a little bit floral, and over-the-top sexy. This is one of the gifts you get your partner, for sure. 

For the Music Lover
JBL Tune 125TWS True Wireless In-Ear Headphones
Now 50% off

JBL proves over and over again that great headphones do not have to cost hundreds of dollars. For under $60, these headphones deliver big sound, make calls easily, pair with your device instantly, and give up to 32 hours of battery life. 

Plus, they're super comfortable. 

For the Romance Lover
‘The Matzah Ball’ by Jean Meltzer
Now 26% off

The Matzah Ball has only been out a few months, and I've already read it twice. If you have a family member into contemporary romance, you need to get them this book. 

It's a beautiful portrayal of what it means to grow up with a set of expectations that feels impossible to live up to, and finding your way in spite of the hardships you face. 

Yes, it's definitely a Hanukkah romance with kissing and everything, but it's also a book about invisible disability and Judaism. It's just a peach, and I'm totally shepping nachas for the author that it's so popular.  

A Cheeky Gift
Tis the Season to Remind Everyone I’m Jewish T-shirt

Did I just order one of these shirts? Yes. Am I ordering one for basically every one of my friends (and also my daughter)? Of course I am. 

People talk about Christmas envy all the time, but so rarely talk about how pretty much everyone else is along for the ride. This T-shirt makes that kind of fun and cheeky. 

Low Effort Gifting
Larry David Funny Hanukkah Card

With Hanukkah coming right after Thanksgiving this year, it feels more appropriate than ever to send a Larry David card. He's crabby, he's tired, and he's over everyone. So he's just sending a card. Happy freaking Hanukkah. See you at Purim.

A Great Family Gift
Custom Hanukkah Socks Face Socks

Giving your sibling or parent socks with your face all over it is about as funny as you can get on Hanukkah. “Here are your Hanukkah socks. I know you’re going to wear them with pride, or at least a little bit of embarrassment.” It’s perfect.

For Fragrance Fans
Madewell Fragrance Sampler Set

As a fragrance fanatic, I love the idea of giving a fragrance sample gift. It's inexpensive, it's fun, and it's a good way to get to know a family of fragrances. As far as Hanukkah gifts go, it just feels right. 

For the Coffee Lover
Secura French Press Coffee Maker
Now 33% off

French press coffee is out-of-this-world delicious, but one big drawback is the fact that it gets cold pretty quickly. You don't have to worry about that with this press. It has double-wall insulation that keeps hot beverages hot for hours. 

For the Plant Person
String of Pearls
The Sill

Have a plant person on your list? Of course you do. This string of pearls plant comes in a 5-inch ceramic planter. And because it's from an arid region, it's one of the easiest to grow.

A “Charming” Gift
Alex and Ani "Kindred Cord" Menorah Bracelet
Alex and Ani

Alex and Ani have been making beautiful bracelets that people love for years. The quality is wonderful, and the price is pretty great. Most people don't know that they have this sweet menorah charm bracelet that pairs perfectly with the rest of their line. 

For Cold Climates
Colsen Tabletop Rubbing Alcohol Fireplace
Now 12% off

You can really light up someone's holiday with this tabletop indoor/outdoor fire pit. Using rubbing alcohol as fuel, this tiny fire can make s'mores, serve as part of a tablescape, or just warm up the look of a room.  

The Best Gift Holder
Jumbo Hanukkah Fillable Dreidel
The Dreidel Company

The beauty of this driedel is the fact that you can fill it with anything you want. Yes, you could go with the traditional gelt, but why not go for something more personal? You could do different candies, beauty products, gift cards ... anything.

For the Holiday Host
Secura 1700-Watt Electric Deep Fryer

Hanukkah is the most delicious of the Jewish holidays. (Shavuot is a close second — fight me.) But it's also kind of a pain. Standing over several pans of oil can be draining — so, enter this deep fryer.

This fryer holds four liters of oil and comes with three baskets. It has the capacity to fry with two baskets at a time, making frying up both latkes and fish a breeze. Pro-tip: Fry your sufganiyot first, to avoid having onion-flavored donuts.

For Budding Farmers
Mushroom Growing Kit
Root Mushroom Farm

With so many of us looking to eat more veggies and less meat, it can be hard to find foods that fit the bill. But oyster mushrooms are one of those foods that can really be meaty — even though they're technically fungi. 

A mushroom-growing kit makes the whole experience more connected and more meaningful. Plus, it's just really fun.

A Reader's Dream
Introducing Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition

You can read on the beach in the bright sun and under your blankets on a cold night with the Kindle Paperwhite. Gone are the days of glare on e-readers: This unique, 32-GB option is designed to be read anywhere, anytime. 

For Cold Ears
Carhartt Cuffed Beanie

The warmest and coziest of beanies will warm the heart of the person who receives it. It's both soft and durable, and it really keeps your head warm in very cold temperatures. It's a stylish way of telling someone you care.  

For the Phone Addict
Touchscreen-Friendly Winter Gloves

Ever try to operate your phone with gloves on? Most of the time, it's a no-go, but with these warm knit gloves, it won't be a problem. The tips are designed to interact with touch screens without scratching or damaging the surface. 

For the Foodie
Russ & Daughters New York Brunch
Russ & Daughters

If they prefer the real thing (who wouldn't?), get them a munchable gift that'll bring the whole family together!

This all-in-one feast features everything they need to host a holiday brunch, including Gaspe smoked salmon, cream cheese, six assorted New York bagels, a chocolate babka, and custom roast coffee beans. It's shipped overnight, so everything arrives fresh and tasty.

For the Beginner Home Cook
Little Book of Jewish Feasts
Chronicle Books

This new cookbook may indeed be little (it's just over 7 inches high), but it's packed with indispensable Jewish cooking wisdom. Author Leah Koenig's third cookbook covers savory holiday and religious fare in 25 recipes — everything from the Rosh Hashanah feast day to weekly Shabbat dinners.

The book also offers great side dish suggestions, and even an insight into some of the symbolism behind the ingredients.

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For the Littlest Ones
Maple Landmark Dreidels (Set of Two)
Maple Landmark

You never outgrow the joy of spinning a dreidel. We love the playful, kid-friendly look of these tabletop dreidels that colorfully display the Hebrew characters nun, gimel, hay, and shin on each side.

These are so much more than just the $.25 plastic dreidels you grab in a bag: These are sustainable hardwood dreidels you can pass down from generation to generation. 

For the One Always Dressed to the Nines
Star of David Jewish Star Love Letter Necklace
Alef Bet by Paula

Whether it's used to accessorize everyday wear or simply for dressier occasions, this delicate letter necklace will go with virtually anything in their closet. It displays a crystal-pavé-studded Star of David that sparkles beautifully when it catches the light.

Best for Bundling
Personalized Hanukkah Pot Holder

No matter whether you go with the printed Hanukkah pot holder or the oven mitt, the beauty of this gift is what you choose to fill it with. Keep it on-theme with a package of instant cookie mix and a spatula, or throw in a generous gift card for that extra helpful neighbor. 

For Bedtime Stories
‘Goodnight Bubbala’ by Sheryl Haft
Dial Books
Now 50% off

This reimagined classic children's tale adds a festive spin, featuring familiar Yiddish words and a Jewish family, complete with bubbies and zaydes. Read it together before bedtime, and enjoy an included exclusive latke recipe by Ina Garten.

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